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    Export Kerbstone Cutting Machine To Vietnam Customer

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    May 8, 2020

    We export one set of Kerbstone cutting machine to Vietnam customers.

    kerbstone cutting machine

    curbstone cutter

    paver stone

    kerbstone cutting machines


    Besides the Kerbstone cutting machine, we also have other stone cutting machines. Such as Infrared bridge cutting machine, multiblade block cutter, quarry mining machine, automatic polishing machine, flaming machine, bush hammer machine, automatic edge cutting machine, wire saw machine for quarry, stone turnover machine and so on.

    DAFON is a professional stone machine factory that integrates design, manufacture, and trading as one. We also bring in new technology on manufacturing environment-friendly equipment, such as a wastewater recycling system, stone dust vacuum cleaner, etc. Based on industrial cluster advantage, we offer one-stop stone cutting product solutions for free to our customers including guidance for mine planning, technical consultant, technical output, equipment and tools purchase, guidance for factory construction, etc.

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