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    Comparison of the cost of kerb stone and traditional mid-cut

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    Dafon Machinery Kerb Stone Complete Equipment Production Advantages

    The traditional processing method of Kerb stone is to cut in the middle, take the processing of 120/300/600 mm specifications and 

    the daily output of 25 cubic meters (20 hours) as an example:

    Traditional medium-cut processing requires 1.5 large-cuts, and daily output of 5 cubic meters/set requires 5

    If using a set of Dafon Kerb Stone Single-Pole Fixed Length Equipment:

    1. Labor: can save 3-4 people (cost can save 60-70 yuan/cubic)

    2. Site: Save about 2-3 sets of mid-cut positions

    3.Blade: Because the Dafon kerb stone combination saw uses multiple saw blades and less cutting, the loss of the blade is reduced, the 

    processing standard is improved, and the cost of the blade is saved by 20 yuan/cubic

    Take the cutting of 0.15 * 0.15 * 1-meter road stone as an example



    Kerbstone combination saw

    Segment cost

    80 yuan/pcs

    160 yuan/pcs

    Output per segmentm³



    The cost of per cubic per segment

    80/2.025 is about 40 yuan

    160/7.5=21.3 yuan

    Comprehensive cost savings: around 80 yuan / cubic

    kerb stone cutting machine

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