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    How to protect the stone from moisture?

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    When the weather gets wet, the humidity of the air is nearly saturated, and the walls and even the ground will "spray water". There are wet scenes everywhere, and the air seems to wring out of the water. The indoor humidity is too high, and it is very easy to seep water droplets. At this time, the more annoying is the marble floor and wall cleaning and care we laid. This kind of weather brings a lot to the daily cleaning and care of stone Inconvenience.


    Influence of resurgence phenomenon on stone:

    1. It may cause the phenomenon of stone returning to alkali.

    2. The stone is wet for a long time, and some stones are prone to water spots.

    3. It brings a lot of trouble to stone construction.

    4. Seriously affect the decorative effect of stone and even use the function.

    stone 1

    How do we protect the stone from moisture?

    1. When the resurgence phenomenon strikes, be sure to close the window tightly so as not to give the moisture outside the window any chance to infiltrate. The most important period of moisture prevention is every morning and evening. The air humidity in these two periods is higher than that in the midday. If the doors and windows are not closed in time, the water vapor will seriously penetrate into every corner, causing a large amount of moisture to form on the stone surface.

    2. You can use some equipment to dehumidify, you can use a dehumidifier, air conditioner or fan heater. At present, the dehumidification products on the market mainly include dehumidifiers, air conditioners, and heaters. Generally, the air conditioners used in homes have the function of dehumidification, which can achieve the effect of dehumidification.

    3. The indoor and outdoor mats for removing water and dust can be arranged in advance to avoid bringing rainwater into the indoor stone floor and avoiding the impact of rainwater on the stone.

    4. The rainwater brought into the room by the pedestrian, the cleaning staff should clean it as soon as possible, and do not let the rainwater stay on the ground for a long time.

    5. Before the rainy season comes, the waterproof treatment of the stone should be done to avoid the problem caused by a large amount of water leakage.

    6. After the rain is clear, ensure the ventilation of the room and dry the stone surface as soon as possible.

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