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  • > DAFON kerbstone cutting machine line introduction

    Time:2019/11/01 | Views:145

    Curbstone Slicing Machine DF1200-12 (without roller on trolley) Features: 1. no foundation needed, easy installation, easy for shipment. 2. it adopts enlarged trolley, 2 pcs of block can be placed one upon anther to cut at the same time, the output c

  • > Russian cooperation customer export container

    Time:2019/05/27 | Views:365

    Today, Russian cooperation customer export container This time mainly purchased ;Complete Line of Curbstone Cutting Machine and Blades.

  • > one stop solution for curbstone cutting

    Time:2019/05/25 | Views:376

    As the rapid growth of economy, city construction require higher output and more precision for curbstone cutting. DAFON dedicate on curbstone cutting machine line for more than 10 years, we provide advanced full line equipment solution for curbstone.

  • > Blind Road slab drawing machine

    Time:2019/05/31 | Views:361

  • > lychee machine

    Time:2019/05/31 | Views:325

    The surface is rough and uneven, and it is a small hole that is densely woven on the surface with a chisel, and there is a drop of imitation of water droplets over the years. An effect on the stone, this I recommend using a lychee machine

  • > Stone splitting machine

    Time:2019/05/31 | Views:369

  • > Polishing machine

    Time:2019/05/31 | Views:399

    The surface is very smooth, highly polished, mirrored and high gloss. Granite, Dali and limestone are usually polished and require different maintenance to maintain their luster. I recommend using Polishing machine

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