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  • curbstone cutting machine line

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    edge cutting machine
  • 【Name】edge cutting machine
  • 【Model】DF1200-5
  • 【Category】curbstone cutting machine
  • 【Company】DAFON Machinery
  • 【Clicks】19080
  • 【Time】2018-07-04 02:01:47
  • Features:

    1. This equipment proves most effective when used together with stone slicing machine.

    2. Technical data for long stone cutting: max. diameter of blade-1200mm; max. number of blades used-5pcs; max. cutting height-450mm.(1.6m blade with cutting height-600mm )

    3. Cast iron machine is more stable with less chance of vibration under the operating condition.

    4. The machine operates automatically through the main control unit consisting of frequency converter, transformer, AC contactor and time relay, which can more effectively control vertical movement of oil cylinder, trolley operation and slab cutting efficiency.

    5. Unlike traditional stone cutting, it dramatically increases the productivity and diminishes labor cost and power consumption.


    Technical Data

    Dimension (mm)


    diameter of blade (mm)

    1200 or customized

    number of blades (pcs)


    Workbench/Table size (mm)


    Working stroke (mm)


    Max. vertical stroke (mm)


    Weight (t)


    Max. cutting depth (mm)


    Main motor power (kw)


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